Redcord British Columbia

What is Redcord Neurac?

  • unique system of ropes and bungees allows for identification of compensation patterns and "weak links"

  • restores impaired or altered neuromuscular co-ordination patterns

  • often provides immediate pain relief and improved physical function

  • coordinate activation of stabilizer muscles and larger power muscles

  • performance enhancement, injury prevention and pain reduction


Loading multiple Myofascial Chains (through different positions) in the Redcord slings allows you to identify common patterns of movement, weak links and individual compensation strategies. Once identified bungees are added to offload the body to a point where the patient is able to maintain the proper position working to reactivate and reintegrate proper coordination of muscles. Then the load is increased and movements are progressed to keep challenging the brain to "wake up" deactivated muscles.


What Customers Have Said....

“No one else has been able to figure out my problem. Candace nailed it first try.”

“For the first time ever, I am learning about inherent muscle weaknesses that have effected my overall performance.

“I feel that as I get older, I now have a way to be active and ensure my body stay strong and balanced.”

"I was completely blown away by the ability to pinpoint the problems and deal with them so effectively with Redcord"

"After a treatment I feel like I have made great progress AND best of all, feel good all over"


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