Redcord exercises strengthen deep stabilizer muscles and larger power muscles, and coordinates their interaction. Redcord gets fast results in performance enhancement, injury prevention and pain reduction. 

Unique system of ropes and bungees give you no way to 'brace yourself' making it easier to identify compensation patterns and "weak links"

Loading multiple Myofascial Chains (through different positions) left and right in the Redcord slings allows you to identify common patterns of movement, weak links and individual compensation strategies. Once identified bungees are added to offload the body to a point where the patient is able to maintain the proper position to reactivate and reintegrate proper coordination of muscles. Then the load is increased and movements are progressed in a way to keep challenging the brain to "wake up" deactivated muscles.


Neurac restores impaired or altered neuromuscular co-ordination patterns, and can often provide immediate pain relief and improved physical function.

Treatments are highly individualized, 1:1 for your whole treatment time, continuously challenging work load, brain focused exercises

Dealing with the True Source of your Pain NOT just the Symptoms 


Candace McCurdy, BScPT, Certified Neurac Provider/Instructor, CAFCI, Gunn IMS



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