"During my recovery from a serious injury, I have put my trust in physiotherapist and Redcord professional, Candace McCurdy. My injury has been complex.   In short, I was unable to walk following a cross-country skiing injury made significantly worse by other practitioners.  Acute sacro-iliac pain made it impossible to walk, sit, or even lie down. There was nothing I could do.

I arrived at Candace’s office unable to function.  The first challenge was to alleviate my acute pain to get me walking again.  Second, we had to break through years of chronic back, hip and shoulder pain in order to fully rehabilitate.  I needed help and I got exactly that.  As it turns out, Candace’s skill and approach are transforming my body.
Candace is different from anyone else who’s tried to tackle this web of injury and pain.  From the first session, she isolated (with precision) the exact root of the problem.  Candace understands not only the biomechanics of my injury, but also the core technique needed to restore full functionality.  Layer by layer, she finds muscles that need to be switched on, strengthened and supported to change the alignment of my hips, pelvis, shoulders and back.  The result:  I am walking again and the pain is gone. I have Candace to thank for pulling me out of my injury and literally cheering for me each time I get into that Redcord and push forward.  Combining skill with a tremendous attitude, Candace has kept me on track towards a full recovery."

- Trista, 2014


"For over ten years I sought out treatment with sports physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage therapists to deal with lower back pain caused by a running injury. In just 1 session, Candace was able to identify the underlying problem and within 7 sessions I no longer needed to go!  I am active again but without pain and discomfort. I cannot thank her enough!"

- Mike, 2015


"As a former triathlete, I love to bike and run. I had an Achilles injury that prevented me from running for 3 years. During that time, I saw several physiotherapists, without any real improvement, and eventually I even had pain while biking. Then I saw Candace. She assessed me and found out the true source of my Achilles pain was from my hip and glute. Her hands on approach and red cord therapy helped me retrain my muscles, regain my form and get  back running again. I have just ran my first marathon and qualified for Boston! Thank you Candace!"

- Dave, 2014